Questions about Creating maps

So, I’ve been working on learning how to add various things to the game through json. Right now I’m trying to understand creating a new building/map.

I got

compiled, but when I run the .jar it asks for my directory. After selecting the cdda root directory, it closes and nothing ever happens. Anyone use that thing? The last reference I found to this working for someone was two years ago. Is it just broken due to changes over the last few years?

I also found references in the forum to the ability to export directly using the in-game debug menu map editor. Is that possible or was it just a concept that never got implemented? I can’t seem to find anything in-game that makes me think it’s possible to save or export a created landscape. I can spawn in buildings but I don’t see the ability to save changes.

I’ve been reading about how to edit a map through .json, but that seems like it would be the most difficult (or maybe I mean tedious?) of the three apparent options, so I wanted to ask about the others before I put in the effort of doing it all from scratch. I’m definitely a UI sort of guy and would prefer to do things that way.

EDIT: As I often do, I found a solution within ten minutes of posting, so I just look like an idiot.

The map editor I linked works with 0.C, the stable. So . . . Yeah. I don’t know how to delete my thread =\ Sorry everyone.

Heh. You should see the 8-9 aborted posts I wrote last week as I was working on the CBM install code. I’d painstakingly detail my current insolvable problem in preparation for begging anyone to explain my current error to me - and in the process realize whatever syntax or logic error I’d made. So the posts got deleted and I moved onto the next problem.

Don’t feel bad about posting a question and then figuring out the answer: it happens. Good for you for posting the answer, though.

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