Cataclysm DDA - 05 January Release

Windows Link
Source code is available at as always.

Changes in this release
Item Disassembly - Press the ( key and select any item from your inventory to disassemble it. In most cases, this will require the same tools required to craft the item, and the game will tell you which tools you need. (Note, the game will only tell you the first tool on the list, but any will work. For example, an item which required either a Steak Knife or Combat Knife as a tool, the game will only tell you you need a Steak Knife, but will accept a Combat Knife) - Thanks to DinoCat for this entire feature

Chain Link Fences - These currently only spawn around basketball courts, and can be climbed over by (e)xamining them. There’s a chance to fall down and lose 2 turns if you fail, but zombies can only bash through them and not climb them.

Innumerable small bugfixes, most notably water now has the correct charges when spawned in bottles.

Larger fix, shell casings now stack appropriately again, thanks to Kevingranade for the bugfix.