Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.B Brin released. (Now with MAC builds!)

Oh wow, you were right about the optimization. Cataclysm runs noticeably faster now.

I’m picking up a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos today for the update. Aw yiss!


Diving in now, see you guys in a few days!

Welp, I’m failing my classes. (y)

i’ve just quit my job

The fun part will be getting used to the MAD HUGE amount of monsters that are gonna spawn by default now, oh well atleast I got my fusion rifle just incase.

Is this named for the Sci-Fi writer David Brin?

Hi not to be a jerk but could someone provide me a link to 0.B stable version w/o tiles? Thank you. 2014-11-17 03:42 8.7M

Is that it^

Might want to make that a feature on the download page, splitting tile stable from console stable, as i never play with tiles and imagine im not the only one…just my 2 cents

“Can perform unspeakable acts upon zombies to turn them into your packmule slave thing.”

How to do this? This interest me the most.

[quote=“Void Space, post:28, topic:7916”]Hi not to be a jerk but could someone provide me a link to 0.B stable version w/o tiles? Thank you.[/quote]Well, firstly, you can turn off the tiles, and secondly, it’s right there in the OP:

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:1, topic:7916”][…]
Linux Curses
Windows terminal.

I didn’t want to assume Windows or Linux, so there you go – both versions, no tiles.

As to having it on the home page… maybe? Thing is, you should get better performance out of the tiles build with the tiles turned off; and forcing potential new players to make a choice that’s meaningless to them (“Uh, do I want tiles or console? What’s the difference?”) just gets in the way. Admittedly, that last could be mitigated with the right wording, e.g. ‘Windows alternative: no tiles’.

I spoiled Dinner with my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

I dropped out of school to play this update.

I hate everybody who helped to do this.

I keep losing so much time in this game :confused:

[size=6pt]It’s a lie, of course. Or maybe it isn’t.[/size]

No way, really? How so?

Congratulations to all that contributed on the new release.

Free copies of Advanced Economics of Beef Jerky (3) for all!

No way, really? How so?[/quote]

Because the graphical version (can’t remember the actual name) is different than the terminal, and runs better on windows. It’s the other way around on the Linux.l

The first goddamn thing I see is a bloody misplaced apostrophe in the create world page.

It’s under the animatronic monsters mod description. Should read pizzarias, not pizzaria’s.

Also, the dictionary tells me it’s spelled pizzeria, but I’m not sure I believe it.

It is “pizzeria” - and you’re right, it’s definitely not “pizzaria’s”. Or “pizzeria’s” - unless you’re saying “Help, that pizzeria’s animatronic robots are trying to kill me” or something.

And it’s fixed. Along with bridges turning into dirt when you blow them up, along with several other nifty things in latest experimental.

Why does the windows terminal version not say 0.B when you start? It claims its 2e9fcf9