0.9 Crashed After Making a Second Character

I looked around and didn’t see this posted. Hopefully this isn’t repeating a thread…

I’ve been playing 0.9 on my mac for a bit now and there hasn’t been any problems until recently when I tried to start a second character in addition to my currently active one. I when through character creation normally and when I finished, it didn’t give me any options for choosing a world (whether to make a new own or select a current one). It just generated one that seemed to already have been used a bit (two of the lockers were already smashed) but one I hadn’t seen. I "Q"ed and checked on my other active character I had been working on. That world loaded but with double the amount of items to load. When it got halfway loaded, it stopped completely and I had to force quit the application. Every time I tried to load this character it was the same thing and I eventually had to delete the world.

I guess my question is, did I do something wrong (maybe making a new character while I had one active) or is this a bug?

Here is a pic of the screen I got when it was trying to load the old world and character that I had been working on until I tried making a new character and things went haywire.

Not sure how this happened, and it’s worrisome seeing as I fixed an artifact bug a few days ago.

Open save/whatever/artifacts.gsav in a text editor, and put in: "[]"
Just two brackets, without the quotes, the rest of the file should be blank.