Castaway or Escape Scenario 1.4 The graveyard update

Do you want to be on a island with no prison or escape a cabin or better a plane while being followed by hungry zombies like in 28 weeks later? Then this mod is for you!.

  • Castaway or Escape Mod 1.4 The graveyard update
    Adds 3 new scenarios into the game.


  1. Download the zip on github

  2. Extract the zip

  3. Place the Castaway_or_escape on your mod folder

-Scenario explanations
if you don’t want spoilers proceed to issues.

-Castaway Scenario

basically you start on either forested fields and a Swamp island in it you start with clothes watch and most importantly nails. Your goal is to escape the island.

-Stranger Scenario

your cabin just sorrounded with zombies goodluck escaping them!.

-Airline Disaster

you start on a crashed plane with lots of zombies.

-The Graveyard

you start either in the cemetery itself or near it.

When you start up the castaway scenario you get “not good starting location” error i will try to fix but for now simply ignore the error.

-Additional Message and plans
i will try to add more scenarios in the future.
Also if you have any ideas and advice or suggestion don’t hesitate to comment below.


Is there a short distance from any shore or is this a purely stuck on the island survival? I would like to know if trees and other plants/rocks or any other materials are available.

Both actually It depends on your world gen and originally i included sand island but i removed it because of lack of resources but the answer is yes the island has stuff like rocks trees etc

Pretty fun smol mod. Also i know it would be alot of work, but a version where your in a like plane wreck on an island, ala the start of “the island”, would be interesting/a good reference. but i get if thats harder since it probably would require some mapping.


Entirely plausable the plane could be lifted from the ones that already exist, maybe? Either way, that is a solid idea. Boat wrecks are a good idea too. Those wrecks are already on the shore.

Could have a really interesting beginning with this mod. Especially a downed airliner with a bunch of zombies…wow. I like this idea a lot!


Yep i think it’s the airliner.json that your talking about and i’m working on it.

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Soo i tried placing the plane that is the airline.json on the island but i got lots of errors dead ends and yea i can’t managed to get it through although i’m still gonna find a way but if anyone reading this knows how to do it pls file a pull request on the mod’s rep on github.

New update 1.3 is out! The changelogs is on github!

I assume the airliner crash.json was figured out? You could always private message any of the other programmers to ask for pointers or to wrangle what is going wrong with something.

Not the whole json yet but i figured how spawn the plane onto the lake and yep i will msg some programmers that i knew.