Carnivore? Herbivore? I'm an infovore!

Pretty minor bug… Gave me a laugh anyway.

Steps to reproduce–
Give your character the “internal furnace” bionic.
Eat a “USB drive with misc software”.
The message will read, "You eat your misc software."
The USB drive will remain in your inventory. Your character has just eaten the data from a USB drive, leaving the drive itself untouched. Somehow.

Looks like some wizard accidentally assigned software a flammable material.

Ahahahaha. How much power did it give you?

This sounds like a good idea for a game-mechanic.

Good thing future humans come with USB sockets.

Datajacks, chummer. Never played Shadowrun?

In all seriousness-- This might be a bug, but it’d be cool to add a datajack implant and make “eating” software give you a mild hacking boost, either temporary or permenant.

An Apple program a day keeps the doctor away?

Actually, this makes me think of a REALLY old educational game (like Apple II old) where you played as this little guy who had to run around a screen eating numbers to solve math problems. I think it was called “Number Munchers” or something.

Can’t resist: INFOWHORE.

Where is bug is obvious. All the types of software are objects and USB drive is a container thus you eat something located inside.

Maybe USB drives of the future are based on electrons, lol, like there’s a lot of electrons and depending from their locations inside the “box of data” computers scan the data.

[quote=“GlyphGryph, post:3, topic:5848”]Ahahahaha. How much power did it give you?[/quote]None that I can tell. I was just eating all the random stuff to clear out my inventory.