Careful movement

The player would be able to press Shift + a movement key (more below) to “move carefully”. It would take longer (more on that below), but make less noise, lower the chance of setting off a trap, and lower the chance of hurting yourself on environmental hazards such as broken glass in a window frame or rubble.

For the key, it could either be the above (shift + movement key), or toggle-able like safe mode. Maybe % could toggle it on and off.

As for the cost, it would either be a straight-up multiplier on terrain’s normal cost (maybe 1.5x or 2x), or a percentage based on your Dexterity. Maybe start it at 200% for 10 Dex (220 for 8 Dex), and lower it by 10% for each additional point past 10, to a maximum of 150% at 15 Dex. The numbers here are very flexible, I’m just trying to establish a kind of framework.

A nice corollary to an implementation like that could be uncareful movement, like sprinting as well. I don’t know if the canon is that the zeds are runners, but I hate thinking that shamblers are as fast as I am, when I am certain that power-walking would far outpace them.

I like the thought process but I don’t think shift and a arrow key will work. I don’t think it actually is considered any different then normal arrows. But I’m sure the devs can tell me if I’m wrong or not.
As for careful and uncareful movement. I like the concept. Would be a good precursor to adding in actual sprinting.

Try playing the experimentals; we’ve been able to sprint for a week or so now.

So then all we need is the opposite, Rivet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for letting me know that, Rivet.

I think I have been playing the experimentals. I noticed this green bar on the info pane that says Walk st (if I recall). I have yet to figure out what it was–but I guessed that it might be that.