Carbombs could use some work

Set off an ANFO charge in a beetle. Not only is the car partially intact, but it shielded the ground from the blast, so it’s sitting on a pillar of ground in the middle of the crater.


Truly next level tactical explosive insertion.

Can you still drive it? Lol

Part of me feels that’s a semi-reasonable result, but any explosion that carves out 4+ cubic meters of dirt around a car should vaporize the car.

Heck, the Mythbusters vaporized a cement truck and the crater was smaller than what you have there.

Man, using tilesets has spoiled me, because it took me a minute to figure out what everything was.

I’d recommend looking for studies and data related to the various acts of terrorism over the last century if you want background information for more realistic effects of explosives on vehicles and the surroundings. There will be plenty of cases to draw from, with various locations of the explosive (inside the vehicle, below the vehicle, etc). Police reports and similar would have pictures of the damage to the originating vehicle and surrounding area, as well as estimates of the explosive yield, composition, and other data.

Police & military reports from England & Ireland during the “Troubles” would be one possibility. Military and scientific papers on the various carbombs and truckbomb attacks in Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the suicide bomb attack on the USS Cole are some other possibilities.

You might end up on an NSA watchlist googling all this though lol.

Actually if you live in america you WILL be put onto their watch list. It is a known fact they have installed spy room hubs in all the major internet providers, that filter and monitor internet traffic. This was taking place back in the early 2000’s.

So when your toon makes this thing anfo? They can attach it to a vehicle? How does that work in game?

Is it even possible to run far enough away from it before it goes off? I was reading a thread about some explosive not giving enough time to escape the blast recently.

If watch lists exist, I’m probably on all of them already. I research everything from explosives to chemical, biological and nuclear warfare, tactics, firearm construction and use, etc etc etc

How to ANFO

First you make some ANFO.

Then you assemble it into a bomb.

I didn’t attach it to the vehicle, I just dropped it in the back seat after lighting the fuse.

Easily, the blast itself isn’t much bigger than the crater you see (that’s super wrong from a how-explosives-work POV, but it’s a WIP). The fragments go much further, but you can just duck around the corner of a building and be fine. I was standing at the SE corner of the building next to the crater when the bomb went off (just north of the ‘P’), and didn’t take any damage (though I was probably deafened, I wasn’t paying attention to that).

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It would be cool to be able to attach the explosives to the car, as a specific component. Basically you would be integrating it with the vehicle to allow for maximum yield.

Speaking of car bombs, here is one that’s not in the game. Yet.