Mechanics is kinda fucked up

sorry if this isnt the right spot but come on , mechanics was made to be leveled up quickly but now nearly everything except frames needs mechanics level 2 or more , even horns and headlights need level 2 now , and no , dont tell me find books or whatever because that shit can be taken out pretty fucking easily even i can do it IRL and i my mechanics knowledge is like 0.2/10 so i am not sure if this is intended or no because i am pretty sure a horn is easier to remove than a frame
once again , sorry for whining and/or if this isnt the right section

uth has been a prereq for me for so long I dont even notice how mivh skill is needed to do work below 3.

3 skill is considered competent. 5 is professional. so requiring 2skill to put in a horn isnt completely offbase

Think removing batteries requires skill 1.