Car tips

so I found a working car but in my haste did not notice the battery had only enough charge to start it once, I do not have any mechanics skill so I can not even remove a charged battery from another vehicle, no jumper cables either and from what I can tell no other working cars in the area, I do not even have a screw driver, limited supplies (it was a small town, no duck tape or super glue to make duck tape), the only thing I can think of is to huff it, chopping up all the clothing and farming my tailoring skills to a make a tent is probably viable as their is nothing in walking distance (except a hospital, which, will probably result in death).

Hospitals are a pretty safe place to scout early on, since they usually only have regular zombies, some spitters and boomers and enough healing stuff. But if a couple of days have passed and evolution kicked in, then it’s better to avoid it.

eye I have scouted it a little and it does not seem to be safe, so the question is there anything i can do to get the vehicle back and working.

you can try to carefully search, at night, some garage or hardware store for the needed tools. Maybe try a library/book store or a mansion for some books on mechanics.

You only need mechanics 1 to remove a battery, but you need mechanics 2 and a wrench to install one.

no book stores or garage’s the entire town has been scavenged , is their no other way to get mechanics up?

If the car battery is empty you can fill it with normal battery charges from a looted flashlight

but if the battery is damaged, it will most likely leak all the charges in time. It might be enough to get the engine started though. You need some 200 charges to start it, i think.

wait you can recharge it with normal batteries, I did not see the option i will double check

do i just the refill option or how to you charge it?

the refill option just like gas.

O.O this changes early game so much.

You need mechanical skill now to replace a car battery?

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I’m on pc.
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Also since the batteries are changed from legacy this is no longer possible, you have to get another car battery and hook it up with cables, or just use mechanics to remove the battery and replace it.

Also please look At the time that these were posted please, most information is null within a year, (especially with the Danny changes) let alone posts from about 4 years ago.

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Edit: is it still possible to refill car batteries with other batteries tho?

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No, you’d need to replace/recharge that specific battery, or use jumper cables to connect it to some other vehicle that’s producing electricity. Never done the latter myself though, the reqs to replace a car battery are low enough as to be trivial.