Oh my oh my oh my i need to think about it carefully

So i made a really bad day tweaker. Imagine my surprise when i open my eyes and find myself in a garage. With a car. Fully working. With full tank.

And closed metal door. And fire two tiles away from the full gasoline tank. How do i open the door? Help please!

…There should be a switch near the door.

Mechanical winch? There is one next to the door! And next to that raging fire!

That opens the door.

It’s just some burning feet… :slight_smile:

I backed up the save, as i would probably mess up the controls, im new here, ran to it, choked up some smoke, used e in its direction, answered the prompt positively, nothing happened, then again, and again, untile i died. Is it supposed to be hard to use or am i doing it wrong?

Maybe the pain of the fire lowered your strenght wich made you not be able to use the winch. Try again.

Heh. So lets assume my influenza ridden junkie somehow managed to pull the winch. It took some tries, because with starting 8 strenght, influenza, which i saved right after it set in, and little smoke or pain brings your strenght to zero.

There is literally two hundred zeds outside. Well, there was only one dog just outside the door who almost managed to grab me before i dashed to the car and slammed the door shut. And there is some crazy dude shooting zeds outside. But i really need to find a pharmacy for my infected wound… there isnt one so i am driving to the doctors office across the tow. I wonder where i can find gasoline, though. The tank is almost full, but still…

Have anyone ever managed to survive bad day tweaker? Without such ridiculous luck like spawning right next to working car it seems impossible to run from such horde of zeds when you have 12 minutes before withdrawal sets in, and you also need antibiotics…

Well, i gues spawning next to drugs would work too…

Any advice what else i should grab before i go cold turkey? A knife and a lighter would be nice, later i plan on driving away from city and finding lone house to get off the addiction.

edit/lol, the npc outside the house is named FrozenFoxy and wields xixc mosin-nagant rifle :d

Lol. I am sorry, but this is pure comedy. So i am speeding away from that city full of zombies, passing a doctors office and a pharmacy because there are hundreds of zombies everywhere and i can barely stand up considering how sick i am, wondering if i am going to die from infection, then bam, i hit one of the crates lying on the road in a small settlement i am passing through.

What falls out of it? A bunch of antibiotics. And food. And while there are Zeds around, i dont even have to move out of my seat to grab that stuff and put it beside me. Truly a luckiest character ever :d

Wow random moment of epic relief. So people never give up… you might survive in an entertaining fashion or… die entertainingly .

Well, i fully expect to stumble on one of these well suplied secret shelters soon, if my luck is to be counted on.

More realistically, i will probably accidentally hit that gas station across the street and die in huge explosion. If there is some justice in the universe, i am long overdue for it :d

why you do not try to ram doors with car if you cant open it?

[quote=“Arek_PL, post:12, topic:7899”]why you do not try to ram doors with car if you cant open it?[/quote]Probably because he wanted to keep the vehicle.

i did that with military truck at sarcophagus (2 metal doors and fence) now its my mobile house for long looting car can take hit at 1 doors at ease

i did that with [size=36pt]military truck[/size] at sarcophagus (2 metal doors and fence) now its my mobile house for long looting car can take hit at 1 doors at ease[/quote]

Lawl xD

But to be fair you got a chance to ram a car in in a wall and have it at least operational afterwards… and in his situation maybe it woulda been worth a try.

Then NPCs make your game crash.

I really doubt normal car could force metal door in this game. Anyway, the car was the main perk, there were other doors in the garage obviously. Without the car, this tweaker would die the very quickly, as did others before him. Instead, thansk to crashing into these crates with antibiotics and looting a bit of food and water from remote farm, he survived 15 days, and learned to take care of himself. Even though the horde pursuing his car was ridiculously sized, about 200 zeds (i had to take a turn back after the southern road went nowhere).

Too bad the LMOE Shelter that was at the end of that southern road had too many zeds around. But i guess it was luck, otherwise i would be tempted to get in only to face that 200 zed horde two days later :d

You can punsh trough a set of steel doors with a car okay… no garanty from me that it ll run afterwards… but in a desperate situation i would try.