House / Car Alarms

While I’m sure this has been discussed before, has there been any serious thought to implementation (in queue to other goals)? I’m always up for anything that increases the terror factor of exploration.

You have to remember that there is no working electricity in the Cataclysm world (until someone gives us a working power generator)

Visit a town.
All the cars ever blare their car alarms until they kill their batteries.
Day50: The cacophony of cars has finally stopped!
But it seems I’m illiterate.
Where did i get this journal?
This wasn’t added yet…
(E)at paper

BTW Cereal Slap a battery to anything using the vehicle construction menu and you got yourself electricity.

We use to have alarms and they would spawn robots but they stopped working a while ago and where limited to pawn shops and other certain locations.

i always wondered about that
those chicken walkers were a nice addition

Used to have? So I can now bust into the pawn shop without worrying about the robos?

I thought about this, but don’t some vehicles have 2-4% battery power left occasionally? Also, in the age of cybernetics and man-flies, shouldn’t the possibility of solar-powered houses be somewhat present (even on the rainy east coast)? My cyborg has solar upgrades; why don’t houses? :stuck_out_tongue: