Captured squirrel mine detectors

You should totally be able to capture small non-aggressive animals, put them in a cage at the front of your vehicle, and use them as pressure-triggered mine detectors.
You run over a mine!
The squirrel blows up!
player backs away slowly from the minefield

Right now, if you manage to pasture a squirrel into your car, you probably just end up smashing it dead when you take off with the car. I don’t think you can get it to ride in the seats like a passenger. Although that would be pretty neat. Then I could make a seat in front, put a squirrel on it, and make it wear a motorcycle helmet.

The wheels of the car set off the mines… So it would be useless unless your car is using squirrel cages as wheels, and the squirrel wheel is on an extended limb of the car to avoid area of effect damage… and at that point, why not just use a real wheel?

So we can just use wheels to snuff out mines? That is cool.
Of course this could be changed to make captured squirrels more useful ;P.

yea, you could make a minesweeper by building a ton of extra wheels in front of the car:

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