Can't type the right curly bracket

I’ve got a QWERTY keyboard, I think it’s a latin american one because it’s got the Ñ, sadly, it only has { and not the right facing one.
Now, I can type using the code Alt + 125, but I can’t, say, wear a fanny pack with } assigned because as soon as I hold alt and press 1, the game thinks I’m trying to wear item 1, and the inventory window closes before I can type the entire thing.
Any help? I could use the alt125 code on the 0.5 version, but not in 0.6.

Alt code doesn’t work for SDL version yet.

If you are on windows, there’s a screenkeyboard.

Have you tried a keyboard remapper or macro program?

It should work in the new bleeding edge build.

Cant you rebind keys in the options?

It does work now, I originally solved the problem by completely ignoring the key and simply using the scroll up/down in the inventory fuction xD

left alt + something should still work now.