Can't turn off mutations through radiation

It’s all in the title. I have mutations from radiation turned off and yet they still happen. It’s happened in the past several experimentals, but I’ve been too lazy to report it.

You sure it’s radiation?

The code looks pretty solid.

I’ve been irradiated a lot lately. PK’s Rebalancing just added a lot of radioactive zombies. It isn’t an artifact and I’m a Mycus so I can’t use mutagen. I don’t know what else it could be.

Rat King can also cause mutation.

Not that either.

One of the Genetic Chaos traits?

Nope. And it doesn’t happen after I’ve cleaned myself with my Radiation Scrubber CBM either. Only when I’m irradiated. It also happens to my NPC buddies. I don’t think it can be anything else.

This bug still isn’t fixed.

I did add a few new zombies.

Another bug [or oversite] would be that mycus cant purify itself

That’s not your fault, though. If you hadn’t added all those zombies, I wouldn’t have found this bug.