Can't stash PF9 magazine in ankle pouch

Looking at the entries in 9mm.json, I see no discernable difference between the M9 magazine and the Kel-Tec PF9 magazine besides weight, volume and capacity. They both possess the MAG_COMPACT tag that the ankle ammo pouch looks for, yet I can use an ankle pouch to stash one but not the other. The list of clothing in which a magazine may be stashed doesn’t even show up for the PF9 mag and I don’t understand why.

Is the PF9 magazine too small for the ankle pouch? Looking at my Ruger LCP, I notice that its magazine also cannot be stored in the ankle pouch, and it also has no “can be stored in” entries.

The hardcoded pouch storage system is weird. It might go away in the near future, though, with the containter rewrite.

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