Problem with 'multi' for ammo pouches/disappearing magazines

Hey there. So, just to be clear from the start, I am on an older experimental version, specifically 0.C 11641. I saw that in newer versions, ammo pouches were updated to use the ‘multi’ tag that allowed them to store multiple magazines, and I modded that into my older game.

However, when I use the ‘Reload’ action on a gun, and take a magazine out of one of the pouches, all the magazines in it disappear. I assume that this does not happen in newer versions of the game, but I frankly cannot figure out where exactly the action would be defined so that this doesn’t happen.

If anyone can point me in the right direction there, that would be great.

Could you post what your ammo pouch item entry looks like?

Uh, sure. Not entirely certain what that will do though as the entry is basically the same as for the ammo pouches in the most recent version.

"type": "ARMOR",
"id": "legpouch_large",
"name": "leg ammo pouch",
"name_plural": "leg ammo pouches",
"description": "A fabric ammo pouch that can be strapped to your leg and is capable of holding up to 4 magazines close at hand.",
"weight": 120,
"volume": 1,
"price": 2000,
"rigid": false,
"material": "cotton",
"symbol": "[",
"color": "dark_gray",
"covers": ["LEG_EITHER"],
"coverage" : 15,
"material_thickness": 2,
"use_action": {
    "type": "holster",
    "holster_prompt": "Stash ammo",
    "holster_msg": "You stash your %s.",
    "max_volume": 6,
	"min_volume": 1,
	"multi": 4,
    "draw_cost": 5,
    "flags": [ "MAG_COMPACT", "MAG_BULKY" ]


Well, I mean, honestly, I thought maybe you’d incorrectly filled things out.

However, your entry functions fine on current experimental. So, I know you basically knew that already, but that’s all I have to offer.

=\ Sorry.

Ahh, yeah.

I think I need someone with experience in the source code of the game, as I’m like 99% sure that this is defined in the core files rather than in a json file. Of course, IF that is the case I’m basically screwed as I don’t have the source for my version anymore. And I don’t want to upgrade to the current experimental while the Freezing mechanic is still so full of bugs.

Well the beauty of git is that all the source code is still there, every version on back to when Kevin first forked it from Whales can be brought up at a moment’s notice.
You just gotta figure out what commit corresponds to 11461, and you can get your old code back, and attempt to feed in the patch for this multi ammo thing. This presupposes you’re compiling your own, if you’re using the launcher to download prebuilt binaries you’d have to get yourself set up to compile first.

I’ve actually still got a copy of 27990, from before the frozen food patch, but well after the multimag pouches were introduced. It also seems to predate the food spoilage patch, so canned foods should last forever. Zip is dated May 27th, 2018, so any merges up to that date are likely included. Check out the Git just to be sure.

Mega link to the zip here

Thanks, I’ll be trying out both those solutions. Trying to work out what commit corresponds to what is a bit challenging, but for the moment that zip is definitely very helpful.