Can't sleep after installing cbm

I installed sensory dulling and kept it on for a while.
And my character doesn’t have to sleep any more.
Now I have to press the dot key for the whole night just to pass the time…

Do we have a cbm that helps pushing buttons?

List of cbm:
Sensory dulling, off
integrated toolset, on
internal climate control, off
metabolic interchange, off
blood analysis
alarm system, off
internal furnace, off
internal ups, off
repair nanobots, on
blood filter
integrated dosimeter
thermal dissipation
optical dampers

joint torsion ratchet
expanded digestive system
alloy plating
anti-glare compensators
wired reflexes

version: 0.C-29759-g8badff72e3

Use the ‘|’ key to get the wait menu so you can wait until dawn with 2 keypresses.

Poking through the code, I can’t see how sensory dulling CBM would affect your charcter’s tiredness.

Please note that the | key is not the I key.

It’s the (|) rather than being a capital “eye”

In any case. Do you have any mutations or did you take atomic coffee/meth/heroine to do your CBM install? Additionally maybe your character isn’t tired. Anesthesia sleep is some good deep sleep.

Sleepless for 3 days without installing anything… I only use sensory dulling to install other cbm.

Thanks. The | key definitely helps. Still sleepless.

I repeated what you did with a test character, and he just had a hugely negative fatigue level that is very slowly being increased. I did notice that he was cruising through the CBM installations, something like 5-10 CBMs installed per hour.

And looking at the code, I realize why that happens and what’s going on. Each CBM has an installation duration based on difficulty. You’re supposed to be sedated (can’t wake up) and asleep (can’t see or take actions until you wake up) for the entire duration. Sensory Dulling CBM removes the sedation, so you’re just supposed to be asleep. But if you’re not tired and in a brightly lit area, you’ll just wake up from the sleep well before it’s duration expires. So you can install a bunch of CBMs in a brief period. Then you go about your day. But you still have that giant backlog of accumulated sleep effects on you, and you can’t get tired until that clears.

I don’t have a good solution, but if you continue playing normally for a few days, eventually the sleep effect will wear off and you’ll be able to sleep. In the meantime, I suggest doing a lot of construction projects, since you can do those in the dark. Fortify your base or something, or build a deathmobile!

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finally the character feels tired. But the health value is 5. I guess it is fine because I used flu shot.

That’s crazy that the effect would carry over like that. Geeze. Good find.