I hope to be able to synthesize Power Storage CBM MK.II again

Sometime we were able to make a Power Storage CBM MK.II with two Power Storage CBM materials, is its recipe now deleted?

Because narcotic drugs are scarce (and difficult to replenish), survivors have the incentive to compress more energy into fewer modules.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Anesthesia kits are craftable now, with First Aid 3 and some fairly common ingredients.

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Really? When did that get added?

Also, I think the autodoc isn’t using anesthesia kits properly. I installed a carbon fiber insert CBM on myself the other day, and it did not consume the one in my inventory. And last I checked it does not use them for installing CBM’s on NPC’s either.


Do you have the sensory dulling CBM or deadend by any chance? Because if you have either of those you don’t need anesthesia kits to install more CBMs.

That might be it. I have sensory dulling cbm . Does it need to be active?

But I should still need them to install CBM’s on followers.

You just need to have the sensory duller cbm installed for it to take effect. No need to activate it.

Although the fact that it lets you install CBMs for free to followers is a bug.

It just makes you dull to their anguish as you install on them with no anesthesia.


I can’t find a clip of it…but anyone remember ‘The Guyver’? Great movie adaptation of some cartoons. Anyway, there’s a bit at the beginning where the hero gets ‘implanted’ by the Guyver. He falls on it face first and it just starts carving away, the freakish screams of agony and blood spray scare off the gang that was mugging him. I’ve always imagined installing a CBM to be something like that.


commit 17ac0a1d57a620b58ba5a3473280ee6ca60be5db
Author: KorGgenT curtis.r.merrill@gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 8 19:37:20 2018 -0500

Craftable anesthetics kit via diethyl ether (#26962)

That may be why I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure when I last updated.

Thanks for memory lane bro. I couldn’t find that snippet either. But I remember the live action stuff. Was wacky. Also made me think of the 2nd Conan where Arnold is on top of that horned “god”. Pulling the horn out of his head. Ew! lol

It was a great movie, even though the costume was clearly foam rubber. I always got a giggle watching his spikes bend and wobble when he got tossed around. I think the power rangers stole the fight choreography and effects. I thought Mark Hamil had a great role, hilarious death scene.

I think all these were made around the same time period, along with stuff like Krull. It all had similar effects which were just bad enough to be good.