Heating up food

why not, for example, heat up with %near_fire + %long pole&staff weapon or edged woodstick?
in the IFB (individual food box, individual rations) heater useable on the one fooditem. but there is more than one fooditem in the foodbox which can be heatable.

why only tourist heater (usually included in the individual food box) can heat up our food? yet is vehicle cooking unit, but i have no car yet. and i clean up national guard camp on the under floor - we can not to move our car between floor because appareil (sorry for rfench termine - do not know right word in english) or pente douce (Wheelchair ramp) in game is not present also.
but about appareils of ramps (about car-lift i silence at all) - it is another story for another topic, of course.

maybe cooking quality level 1 can be equivalent to heat_up_food? then we can heat our heatable food up in the all sorf of pot with cooking skill 0

btw in real life we also may teach base element of cooking when heat up food - we need to not vulcanise our food totally to coal, right? yes when we heat our food we can not learn receipt but we can learn simple skill of heating which also need in cooking - without heating we can not cook mostly nothing. right?

You should be able to activate a pot or frying pan to heat food up if you’re near a fire or other source of heat. Not all foods can be heated up though, and heating food isn’t the same thing as cooking it; it only adds a few extra points of morale gain when you eat whatever you heated up.

Moving whole vehicles between Z-levels is a whole different beast, but if you use the foldable parts mod, you can make small vehicles, like shopping carts or bikes, that fold into an item you can pick up to take between Z-levels. I’ve never actually used one, so I’m not really sure what constraints there are and what you need to do to make it foldable, though. Someone else would probably be able to tell you more.

You seem to be able to heat food even after it is already hot, so while that is a logical argument, if you were able to raise Cooking by heating things, then people would be able to grind it up by just heating the same food item over and over. That’s probably why it wasn’t done.

to make a foldable vehicle ALL parts in it must have a ‘foldable’ tag, the foldable parts mod adds the foldable tag to more parts as well as a few other parts. (you can make a folding cart in base game)
also you can use any cooking gear with charges to heat things up, like use a Hotplate.

is the portal dimension can be foldable or mountable to the foldable frame?
it is will be the best lootcart ever. :slight_smile:

ooops. when cart carry items - it can not be folded.
oops :slight_smile:

about grind - and so what?
yes grind. and so?
and I in it don’t see anything shameful. “repetition - mother of the learning” - can be you heard such wisdom? isn’t? well you mean now you know this wisdom. and first it is necessary to repeat many time it won’t begin it to turn out automatically yet.
than not grind?
on the low-levels grind is at all base possibility to learn something.

The problem isn’t grinding, the problem is that it is most likely seen as too easy, if it was ever even considered as a possibility. I believe the developers are aiming for a game where players level up the skills naturally instead of grinding, but that won’t stop people from grinding anyway.

You used to be able to grind mechanics by repeatedly closing a door and forcing it open with a crowbar. That was removed, presumably because it was seen as too easy. I’m not here telling you that it shouldn’t be possible, I’m telling you the likely reason that it isn’t.

about grind - and so what?

I see a logic issue in that.
If i can learn cooking by heating up food, why can’t i learn electronics by turning on (and heating up) a soldering iron?
PS: Maybe there are some skill requirements to heating up food but they are definetly lower than level 1 of cooking, which makes it pointless to implement.

The biggest issue is that the skill system in game doesn’t just measure aptitude for something (your ability to heat up things) but your overall knowledge and ability (your ability to heat up different things in different ways). Higher skills give you better recipes, a higher chance of success at more difficult things and more overall possibilities. In this particular case, the issue is that heating food up and gaining cooking skill means that you can eventually learn how to craft complex mutational compounds by heating up a piece of meat over and over.

Generally, crafting skills in game are raised by crafting more and more complex things. Make a light over and over and you might eventually work out how a radio is put together. It’s a bit of a leap, but it makes sense more or less most of the time. It rewards going further and doing more complicated things, rather than doing the same thing over and over (which is still a big problem).

Cooking involves an understanding of boiling temps, burning temps, etc… Electronics beyond level 1 involves understanding voltages, currents, safety measures, circuit design etc… These things are distant from the simple act of turning a device on/off.

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Exactly. “skills” in game also include a lot of knowledge and understanding, rather than just practising something over and over. It’s one reason why skillbooks make so much sense.

Yes, and heating up food is distant from understanding of burning temps, boiling temps and such.

To heat something you just need to know when item is hot.

If such basic things are increasing your cooking, why turning device on can’t increase your electronics? Cause, you know, there is some understanding of safety measures and circuit design behind pushing the button.

For example a medieval-peasant-like-character will very unlikely immediately figure out how to turn on a cellphone flashlight.

I believe his point was that neither of those things made sense in anyway, agreeing with you.

Until I get sleep, I cannot make sense of anything. Good night all.

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Nighty night. Don’t let the dark wyrms bite.

heating food up and gaining cooking skill means that you can eventually learn how to craft complex mutational compounds by heating up a piece of meat over and over

This thing already fixed. You cannot rise your skill high by abusing low-level recepies. I think issue is that heating up food is very basic even for low level cooking. This is not even boiling!

I was under the impression that the skill gain from heating food would be usable at all skill levels. I reread the OP and understand better now.

In that case, I could sort of see it giving you up to level 1 cooking, but since it has no risk of failure it’s a little bit odd.

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