Can't reload oil lamp

I have an oil lamp as well as lamp oil, but when I attempt to reload the oil lamp, I get the message, “You don’t have any lamp oil to reload your oil lamp.” Build 11061.

There is not a lot of detail in this report so I’ll just throw everything I thought of at you:

Is the oil nearby in a standing or vehicle tank? You can’t use those from the [r]eload menu so you’ll need to [s]iphon from a vehicle tank or [e] use a standing tank to dump into your lamp. If that isn’t the case and it is nearby in a can or something have you tried [u]nloading it into the lamp instead? Is the lamp empty or is there still some oil in it? If so can you [u]nload the lamp into the same container as the oil that won’t go in it and then try [r]eloading the now empty lamp?

I hope one of those ideas was useful