Cannot Cycle Through Parts In Vehicle Screen (Mac OSX)

So I have been playing for a little while now and finally got a motorcycle! But then it ran out of fuel. So, like I had been doing with cars, I highlight the tile with the tank and try to refill… only this time it wont let me.

The battery and the tank are on the same vehicle tile. I asked people for help and they said to hit enter and cycle through the parts! I had no idea you could even do that. So i go back over to the game and try it and the only thing that happens is the vehicle screen blinks. Thats it. There seems to be no way to refill the tank on this bike because theres no way to cycle through parts that are on the came tile.

Any suggestions?

Stand next to the vehicle, go into the inventory, select the container with the gasoline and unload it. The game will ask you to “refill vehicle?”, answer with Y and select (movement keys) the vehicle.

Yup that worked. Thanks!