Candlebury's guide to building in multiple Z levels!

It’s dangerous to dig alone! Take this.

KA101 hands Zireael and vivat each a Pickaxe, entrenching tool, hatchet, hammer, 8 2x4s, a long rope, and Construction 5[/quote]

I thought it was only for stairs and not for a basement?

Once you have the stairs, you can go down them and start mining out laterally.

And for the record, that’s accomplished by applying the pickaxe or jackhammer (or sonic-resonator).

well, - in short, I did a basement under existing house. and learned it does not spoil the NOR ANY floors ceilings in the house-patient for implanting the basement …

heh! listen here :slight_smile: Necessity is the mother of invention - as we say in Russia.

do ONE - dig downstair from the outside of the house (this is important !!!) - we get on the ground the “>” symbol
do TWO - expand the basement under the house to the needed side until presumably we will find ourselves UNDER the house. simply under the house
DO THREE - from underground (it is not basement yet, we need expand underground room after that) dig UPstairs - and we go out WITHIN the house, ceilings are not damaged, the floors too undisturbed. and we get > within the house.


Thanks vivat!