Bookscanner mod

Hello! I made Bookscanner mod written in Japanese a few weeks ago and uploaded to Japanese wiki.
In these days, kindfully, Regularitee translated my mod.(Thx!)

Features of this mod

  • Digitize your books and save to your e-tablet
  • Craft items with digitized books
    (Reading digitized books is current not supported, because of LUA support is insufficient…)

This sounds interesting…

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Wiki page 403’s for me, but it sounds kinda awesome. Tablets don’t have enough uses and this is a great addition in that regard.
Reading should be made available asap.

Wiki page 403’s for me,

Uhmm…It may be region problem.

Reading should be made available asap.

I’d love to, but I need more lua exposed c++ clesses and functions.

very awesome thank you!

I’m not a “code” person, would it be possible to do in the future, considering these two ?

edit: sorry for DMing i forgot it emails people. :upside_down_face:

Hey, it’s meeee. Glad you’re happy. To be honest, I felt a bit guilty about translating and rehosting it without permission, but there was no author mentioned on the wiki to ask permission rfrom. (Or I missed it in translation). Glad to hear you’re okay with it.

I will update the license as you requested on GitHub. Sorry, I didn’t see it until just now. I updated the readme to include your user name and the license you wanted.

Great mod, by the way.

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maybe yes. Cullently, It is said that LUA may be axed 0.D. But before 0.D, we can put anything relating to LUA(unless not affecting non-LUA codes). I’m planning make some PRs.
Additionally, if many mods came to use LUA codes, that decision is overturned. Or even if LUA is axed, someone(like me) fork and distribute LUA remaining C:DDA. so I think developing LUA is not waste anyway.

Thank you for your translation! It becomes cause that I use this forum, and I made this mod licensed in CC-SA3.0. so you never needs to feel guilty.

Features should make this mod better.

-Tablets scan books in 20-45 minutes depending on size of the book.
-Smart Phone should allow same feature, exception = slower reading digital book because small screen.
-Recipes can be crafted from either device and less weight from many books.

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New feature: Reading is supported!
I tested 0.C-7936.
Latest files(GitHub)


Coolest feature ever

Future plans:

  • Scanning time increasing proportional to book volume.
  • Read time increasing. (alleviated by computer skill.)
  • Notebook is to have ability to read digitized books. (less read speed penalty)
  • Place that contains many digitized books. (like Amazon server center)
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Honestly, for all but the shortest books, I don’t think it should be possible to completely copy the book, for balance reasons. That said, I do think it should be possible to jot down all the recipes in an e-ink tablet(or smartphone, I guess), for later use. This means that if you’re wanting to raise your skill, you need the book, if you’re just wanting the recipes, you could copy them down and ditch the book.

Balance wouldn’t be too hampered with either. But it adds a sense of reason with Jen’s idea.

If in real life I had to search through all the pages for a single recipe I could just jot down in a categorical list. I think the first read through would provide to me the skill and I would have the option of writing down the recipes as I go.

In game terms we see a list. But in reality, the recipes are no literal such as a cook book. So having to read the book makes sense for the skill gain. But also make the level you complete garner only THAT level of recipes. Add a level? Get the recipes from the book for THAT level.

Hmm…I wonder if that latter idea should be added to the base game anyway…As in…you would have to read an entire level in order to get those recipes. Because those recipes in a technical manual for example are as I mentioned not a literal recipe. You would have to read a chapter in order to extrapolate a recipe from it. Interesting running thought…

I think I’ve found a bug with this mod. When using the E-Ink tablet to listen to music taken from a SD memory card, the tablet will loop through all of it’s functions while music is playing. Can anyone else using this mod replicate this bug, or is it on my end?

I Don’t mean to speak for the author but i don’t think music is supported
From my limited meddling experience i can tell putting any function together with a recursive function on an item will trigger it repeatedly ( Such as PHERMONE on a guitar )

This mod needs Lua support. Recent official build of C:DDA has no Lua support. Try Official 0.D stable build.
Or, I’m made my own Lua support build with experimental C:DDA. You can use this too!


So basically, this will revive the LUA mods… I’m glad someone missed the good ol’ days :slight_smile:

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