Can/will big zombies break through walls

are there any monsters than can destroy walls?
should there be?

Yes, the list is quite extensive.

From what I’ve heard, when multiple zombies are attacking a wall they get damage bonus on the wall and can destroy it.

So zombies don’t even have to be big to do this. Only thing that can change this is to use the different tile as a wall. Or gun turrets. Lots of gun turrets.

What!?!?. i thought the only zombies that could break walls were the hulk/juggernaut variants D:!

Perhaps individually hulk/juggernaut can. Zombie groups are different story entirely. From D.8937 I have observed horde tearing up normal houses while I was taking focus regen break nearby. I have yet to see cave and metal walls breaking down so that would be my best bet if you want stable bases.

Or, you know. There is a reason why people build death mobiles.

Big can do this yes. My only gripe is normal zombies chewing through steel plates among other military grade armor. Unless bone is being touted as stronger… >_>

Not even that,zombies can tear armor that is completely imune to antimateriel rounds,they should be able to tear you in half lmao

well that armour does have places to grab onto whereas walls don’t

I was referring to a tank or armor pulled from one. But for personal armor to be pulled apart you would still require a substantial amount of physical strength. Rotting flesh seems unlikely to do the trick. I really don’t care if they have blob nonsense involved. The sum of mass is mostly past tense human. People can’t chew their way through a tank or kevlar. Steel…titanium…and similar.

I dig the game. But not every part of the cannon or programming makes sense. :man_shrugging: