Why am I glowing?

I fought a Boomer zombie or something like that. When it died, both my npc follower and I have a bright glow around us, and in my status effects I am nauseous and glowing. When I highlight Glowing it says “You are covered in a glowing goo!”. Anyone know whats going on? Am I radioactive or something? What do I do? I tried looking this up but I cant find anything on it.

I know Huge Boomers shoot/explode into radioactive bile that makes you glow. It lights you up at night making it possible for zeds to see you. It probably also irradiates you, but not enough to be a threat last I saw. It should go away on its own in a few minutes.

Oh yea, you are right it went away. One more question if anyone can help me here. One of my npc followers got messed up enough that his right leg broke. so I made a leg splint and told him to use it. He did and now when I examine his wounds it shows in blue Right Leg = 0% = and below it says “It is broken but has been set and just needs time to heal.” It seems like it has said this for a while now. Any idea how long it takes or how I will know?

Use a towel. Be aware though that that will make it filthy, so I’m not really sure it’s worth it.

It takes a really long time to heal (just as in real life). A ingame week? A ingame month? Something around that, I’m not sure.

Taken from the json file:

Duration is 10 days, but the actual time taken is probabilistic.