Can anyone help me figure out an error please?

I hope this isnt the wrong place to post this. I apologize if so :slight_smile:

I use experimental builds, and very rarely have any issue with errors. After updating today, when I start the game it gives this error

DEBUG : JSON contains circular dependency. Discarded 2 objects:
“type”: “overmap_terrain”,
“id”: “megastore_entrance”,
“copy-from”: “megastore_entrance”,
“name”: “megastore”,
“sym”: “M”,
“color”: “i_magenta”
“type”: “overmap_terrain”,
“id”: “megastore”,
“copy-from”: “megastore”,
“name”: “megastore”,
“sym”: “m”,
“color”: “i_magenta”

FUNCTION : void DynamicDataLoader::load_deferred(DynamicDataLoader::deferred_json&)
FILE : src/init.cpp
LINE : 133

Can anyone tell me what it is or if it affects anything and how?

I/m only guessing here but it seems that for now it won’t be spawning new megastores(unnecessary building for progression IMO) until the circular dependancy is cleared.

Something is dependant another thing while the second thing is dependant on the first thing, creating loop that cannot solve, and so it is discarded.

Thank you. Are you able to explain anymore? Such as, that circular dependency. Is that something I created by having 2 mods that are not compatible or is this a change in the source code causing it? And lastly, how will it affect my current save/game? Will it mess anything up? Or just not spawn any new megastores(whatever those are)?

Wait for updated version with savegame migration fixed. Also do not use alt map key mod for a while. It should be fixed too.