Butter is criminally underutilized

After scavenging houses and apartments and amassing more food than I’ll ever be able to take with me in one trip, I notice myself sitting on a fair bit of butter that is close to spoiling. Surprisingly, it can’t be used for much besides making cake, fairy bread, and the trusty shillelagh. I could just eat it outright for the caloric value, but it’s not fun to eat by itself.

I wonder why it isn’t a part of more crafting recipes, notably anything involved with baking. Any fat can be used in baking where fats are required; they just tend to have an effect on the final product. You can easily search cookie comparisons made with different types of fats (lard, oil, butter, clarified butter, etc) to see what I’m talking about. Personally, I make biscuits a lot from time to time, when I can afford the butter, because I find biscuits made with other fats inferior, but that’s just my personal taste. It’s a shame that I can only make said inferior oil-based biscuits after the apocalypse.

I agree. Butter can substitute animal or vegetable oil in many recipes - save maybe for anything that involves deep frying or salad dressing, I guess.

May I suggest you take a look to these nice guides and make a PR with the recipes where you want butter? Is not really hard and sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


Maybe make an item group for recipes that encompasses butter,lard, oil, tallow etc so any of those things can be substituted into applicable recipes.