Addition of Fat

I always thought it was odd that, when butchering a corpse, there was never any yield of fat. My thought was, if added, a survivor might be able to manufacture various goods by which to survive the cataclysm. Thoughts for recipes:

  1. Pemmican: Long-lasting foodstuff that has a high nutritional value and low/moderate quench value.
    (Unit of Fat + Chuck of Cooked Meat + Cranberries or Blueberries)

  2. Soap: Heals small amount with moderate chance to cleanse infection. (Lye Powder (25) + Tallow (Unit of Fat x 2 + Heat) + Salt (25))

  3. Biodiesel fuel: A crude biofuel derived from fatty acids, capable of powering vehicles, though not without possible engine damage. (Tallow + Whisky or Vodka (or any hard liquor))

  4. TNT: Creating soap has a small chance to yield glycerin, which must be stored in a liquid container. (Glycerin + Flask of Acid = Nitroglycerin) This can be thrown by vial at enemies for a grenade-like effect, though is extremely dangerous to carry around over rough terrain. Can be stabilized with Sawdust (or just any Wood Component + Tool) to create TNT.

If it was worth programming in, one could also use Peanuts (high nutrition; digging tool required to gather) to produce Glycerin and Cooking Oil, if the survivor is uncomfortable with butchering animals and/or humanoids.

Any thoughts on whether this is a plausible addition?

Sounds awesome!

I really don’t have anything to add, but I still support this.

also candles taking tallow as an alternative to wax

Yup. +1


I’ve always thought there should be a way to create biofuel from natural resources. It would go some way towards balancing the current system, where there’s practically no reason to use regular gas over solar power given the choice.


I couldn’t agree more. +1

oh yeah, +1

this would allow those of us who seem to have spawned in a world where gas stations don’t exist to power up our chainsaws. would also be nice to have candles to burn without having to raid a giant beehive.


Quick now, someone implement player fat, i want to make a candle from my deceased corpse.

You could probably add a whole crap-ton of pick-up-able items from corpses. They use pigs ears in the testing of nuclear weapons. Plus you can eat them.You could also add livers and stuff as a higher level morale food.


Ah. At first I thought this would be another kooky idea about say, obesity levels of the average survivor…
But this is pretty awesome. +1 Blue, great idea.
I’d support anything that allows you to make both soap and explosives out of a zombie hulk-- and the addition of fat/tallow candles would be nice as well-- it’s a rare thing that I find a beehive so it’s something I’ve been unable to craft as of yet. Maybe a 2/3/4x fat refining method to get one unit of glycerol?

Just add fat to items received after butchering. How much would depend on the animal though-- Bears, zombears, Deers, brutes and hulks should have a lot.

Overall a pretty solid idea.

Also chefs should die with a large amount of fat. Just saying. Bork Bork.

[quote=“superninjakiwi, post:16, topic:4895”]Also chefs should die with a large amount of fat. Just saying. Bork Bork.[/quote]where is the whole “bork bork” thing from? it puts me in mind of the sound a car alarm makes when you use the remote to lock the doors.

The “Bork bork” Thing is from space station 13. The chef will say it since they’re supposed to be Swedish? or something. Also +1

It’s from seasamy street. The Swedish chef says ‘Bork Bork Bork’.

ah. never played SS13, and never watched much SS when i was a kid.