Butchering Moose gives much less meat than smaller animals

When I quick butcher dogs etc. I get about 29 chunks of meat. The last two big juicy moose I’ve butchered have yielded 10 chunks each, and some fat/sinew. Issue?


No but seriously, that sounds like a bug.

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Sounds like a bug to me too.

I should also like to report a similar bug. Shooting an animal with such a force as to make it explode(which is not a bug…it is bad @$$!!! lol) makes meat fly all over the place. Now, mind you it can be a bug…despite the humor of it, the meat in question is sometime like 6 pieces. From a snake or a cat or something equally small. Not always. Usually when I use a powerful weapon at point blank range and the damage was a critical so insanely high it makes the critter explode.

I think it kinda makes sense. But the amount of meat…not so much. As in. The amount of force should not amplify the meat produced, ya know? Maybe guys and sinew etc should be added in place of all meat chunks.

Nah that’s just IRL physics at play. Started being observed some time around the 50s. But exploding meat things suddenly generate more meat. You can see evidence of this in Mortal Kombat, Doom, and various Fallout games

I like it. But still a bug lol