Bullets vs melee digression

On that note, for the Kevlar zombies and hulks, I get that buckshot won’t hurt.

Skeletal anything though, no, buckshot should be fine. Bone is not the best armor relative to anything else. Buckshot will shatter bone, I understand it’s not made for literal tanks, but I am butt hurt it bounces off of bone

Let’s just say that the bones of zombies are mutated enough that they have slightly different mechanical properties than regular old bone to justify their armour resistence.

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I disagree. If only for the fact that I can deal with the same threat by attacking it with a war hammer, loaded stick, or quarter staff.

None of which are going to hit as hard as an ounce of lead flying over 1000 feet per second.

I will accept they take less damage than flesh. It makes sense that they take more punishment than a brute, or a wrestler. But that slug is not going to reflect of a square hit

You’d be surprised, actually. A bullet might be going insanely fast, but they’re also incredibly light, especially compared to something like a warhammer or even a lead-capped loaded stick. Think of the recoil from a gun, that’s the same amount (Slightly more actually, air drags on the bullet) of kinetic energy coming back at the shooter, as the bullet has going out, just much more tightly focused. Would you rather take a rifles recoil to the shoulder, or a loaded stick to the shoulder.

A bullet has the advantage of being focused in one point, but there’s a reason warhammers have paradoxically small heads, and often a pointed back, for the exact same reason a bullet is small, to focus the energy. Materials like Kevlar have particular properties in them that make them difficult to defeat with a high speed, low mass projectile, that are useless against wider, blunter forces.

And considering the Kevlar hulk is described as growing a kevlar-like weave of material over its body, there’s no reason to believe the Blob wouldn’t be able to grow bone-analog with comparable material properties if it wanted to. And considering its already a ‘bone-like’ material, and bones are already a mix of hardened and fibrous/spongy sections, the latter is a prime candidate for ballistic resistance.

A Kevlar hulk, yes however I specified a regular hulk.

And you are correct with everything about Medival weaponry, but, I also specified that a shotgun slug typically weighs one ounce, or 1 1/8 which is quite heavy compared to rifle or pistol bullets. And slugs in particular are known for causing damage to thick bone

As far as the stick part though, I would take the stick virtually any day of the week unless we are talking about something like 22cb or something more enemic. Yes, a leaded stick is a deadly weapon, and I’m happy it’s in the game, but they do not compare to the trauma inflicted by a shotgun.

Also my apologies to the OP. I think this was an archery thread

I think you misread what I said, and forgot what you typed out, because at no point did I ask if you’d prefer to be shot or hit with a loaded stick, just recoil compared to the stick. At no point have you said your issue was with regular hulks, you have only spoken about kevlar zombies and hulks, and bone zombies.

Regardless, as has been repeated, its not regular bone. We can infer this pretty well from it being an alien monstrosity of warped flesh.

And yes, ripf the bow topic, but if flechette rounds for shotguns have worse armor pen than a wooden bodkin arrow, they probably need some TLC too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kevin: Got That for you.

Jokes aside, I agree that we need a “projectile” mechanic revamp. Hoping to get my PC soon™ so I can help the developers.

You are correct and I did missread that. My apologies I just had a major surgery.

And although I can see the point of mutated bone having denser properties, I still can’t justify organic matter having that kind of resistance if that makes sense. Something like a T Rex skull can Crack diamond if I remember my 1990s dinosaur facts, however I’m curious how many slugs the skull could take, and more importantly how it would protect the brain.

Back to Bows, I found a modern Recurve with some carbon fiber hunting arrows.

I am now robinhood. Bows may need polish, but I’m now a believer, and am having fun with a new weapon

Bows require a bit of investment in skill development and good loot, but once they get there, they’re excellent weapons for open encounters against small to medium groups, cleaning them up with almost no risk.

Sometimes its hard to wrap the head around the blobs behaviors vis a vis mutation, but this isn’t its first rodeo, and it is intelligent design in the most literal sense with its mutations. Its not just coincidentally a better form of bone its growing, its a deliberate organic outgrowth for defensive purposes, from an entity that very likely has been doing this across dimensions for longer than life on earth has existed. In all that time, odds are its either accidentally developed something highly effective, or found something highly effective naturally, and stolen it.

In my headcannon (like a skull gun but stupider), the XE-307 sees dead bodies in much the same way as players see the deathmobiles they build. The blob doesn’t need to eat to power their meat puppets, it animates bodies using means that defy all scientific explanation. The zombies are really little more than protective shells that the XE-307 keeps bolstering with more and more bone, muscle, and whatever other stuff it can gather from the environment, reprocessed through the zombie’s gastric tract like a man-sized nanofactory. “Killing” a zombie is just a matter of rendering it too badly broken for the XE-307 to move it around any more, though the XE-307 will usually just roll up their sleeves, go about salvaging whatever they can from their z-mobile, and maybe rebuild it with some tougher defenses against whatever destroyed it last time.