Bullet Tipped Arrow Heads

Man, this reminds me of something else that could added to the game. Dem dere gator bang sticks!

It would be trivially easy to craft one of these. Not sure how they would work in the game, without ammo-fed melee weapons though. Would kinda hacky to have a range 1 or 2 shotgun and the whole fun of a bang stick would be to throw them like javelins.

Well, a crafting recipe that is like, two pipes or a pipe and a heavy stick and a shotgun shell and it’d work like a grenade with a blast radius and timer of 1? Probably a better way to do this though.

For a bang stick you’d just re-craft them to reload, and have them “break” when used, I’m not sure there’s enough demand for melee weapons with ammo to mangle the melee code with ammo-handling.