Building on OS X

Hi folks, not sure if this is helpful or not but GlyphGryph seemed to think it was so here goes.

I was able to build (ascii curses mode) of the game just fine on OS X. Am I understanding correctly that that is a noteworthy achievement? If so, I can confirm I was able to do it with no particular trouble. Will help if I can.

I think I read you guys were trying to cross compile for OS X from linux which is a different animal and I haven’t tried that before.

In case it helps though, on OS X I basically just followed the directions in which boiled down to

  1. make sure curses and gettext were installed (had curses by default, installed gettext using homebrew)
  2. build, as per the instructions. I simplified slightly and did:

$ export CXXFLAGS="-I/usr/local/opt/gettext/include"
$ export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/opt/gettext/lib"
$ make NATIVE=osx

This was against the master branch. Built it again just now to double check. Took 6 minutes. Don’t even see any compile warnings. Starts and runs fine. I’ve played a couple minutes from that build without issues.

If the compiled version is provided, I can add a new Stable link for the Mac to the front page.

Getting things compiling on Jenkins is the ultimate goal though, so we don’t have to worry about manual builds at all.

Ugh. Well, part way there. I can build the 09 branch with SDL and run it fine. But what I’ve got is the raw os x binary with library links (gettext, sdl libs, etc) that are relative to my machine so:

  1. it probably wouldn’t run for anyone else
  2. it isn’t packaged properly like a normal os x “app” - it’s like a command line executable binary instead of something in the Applications folder (with .app extension)

Messed around with Xcode a bit to try and set up a proper Xcode project around it but I’m flying a bit blind there. Any other xcode savvy devs who would like to collaborate?

Ok, got it sorted out based on daD’s info provided here:

If you manage to figure this out and are able to lead others in setting it up/change our project to be able to be set up in such a way that if you die suddenly we can still keep going we will love you forever. (Especially if you change the compiling code to actually work with a mac instead of manually overriding the compile arguments to what they should be).

That said if you do manage anything you might want to get in touch with Narc, since he’s the one who sets up/maintains the automated build bot and if we can get that working with mac builds then that would be amazing.

Those builds do not even show up as valid applications on my mac, nor do they run from the command line. :frowning: