Building Graphical on Linux (and other Linux Q&A)


Maybe use a custom command like mate-terminal -c which should open your terminal and run the script in it.


but the change made the default for ALL shell sripts into other stuff. So any custom script that I click on will try to open in something else.


No, I mean like when you’re setting your DE’s associated program for shell scripts, use a custom command to send it to a terminal. Sort of like:



Oh cool, thanks! (why did I not get a notification on this :frowning:) Ran into a new problem.

I derped on how to iso a flash drive (want to get grub back in its rightful place) and now of botched a favored usb drive to the point that mkusb can’t recognize it (uses dd based commands) and the only way of interacting with it I can find is “Edit mount options” in “disks” utility.

On the plus Side I think I now know how to fix a lot of the other dead drives & flash drives I have laying around.


Huh… what are you using, I don’t have a place to enter custom input like that… maybe if I use something like one of the tweak tools?


Oh I’m using the MATE desktop environment. Any random DE should have something similar, though some of the nerdier ones may require you to edit a text file instead of using a nice GUI interface.
What are you using?


gnome is what I am currently using


Hmm, I haven’t used Gnome since the move to Gnome 3. There should be a way to do it, but the modern Gnome folks love to hide configuration options. Like it gives them a sense of validation or something if they move an option somewhere that you can’t see it.


Well, Im afraid to change this computer. Its already a failing laptop that freezes frequently. Linux is its last chance at life until something likely fails entirely. I just use it as a work computer for things I Don’t want/cant do on my actual work desktop. I can still make and launch ssh files, just cant make a desktop shortcut anymore, so not that big a deal.

Not being able to get Grub to install properly is more annoying at this point. Need to go through some documentation some more, then maybe dig through and figure out what these error are. I think my SSD & HD rotations have confused it to the point of broken or something, so I probably just need to remap everything and maybe re-add some file that got taken out for unbenownst reasons forget what the error was I was pulling but thats vaguely what it looked like to me. Real excited about that.

Though I guess good reason for me to continue to learn about the systems. I’d apreciate getting tossed any links in that area or recomendations/tips for sorting through it.


Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc (or grub-efi, or grub2, depending on what bootloader you’ve got installed) That’ll rerun the initial setup program for grub, like when you first installed the system.