(Build 9849) another unstable session of Experimental version

so my game build is now on 9849, and i found that this build is really unstable.

first thing i found is that if you ask starting NPC to share items and you use Lie or Persuade option, the game crash with Segmentation fault.

second, another crash when i massacred some zombies and got some pistol, and when i open inventory to check the weapon the game crash with arithmetical error.

Yeah I keep getting arithmetical errors too, there seems to be one item and one item only in every house that generates that gives me a crash. I’m a bit suspicious that it’s atleast partly my mods but i’m not sure.

i also think that an items caused this crash… but i also has suspicion that there is typo in in-game code that caused this crash too.

somebody said something on the reddit about it and then vormithrax linked to the github bug post

readed github bug post link you post there and my issue report is referenced at the end (nice :laughing: )

probably one of the soda drinks has incorrect data that when loaded in inventory (by opening inventory menu) the game crashed due to the incorrect data in that soda.

That is kind of what i was thinking, but im not too intimate with the source code (or any code for that matter) to make that kind of judgement

nah, no worry, as long as the issue is reported on github it will be fixed soon in the next experimental build.

As I’ve been having this issue with even as of build 9855, I’ve been mainly getting the Arithmetical Errors, though for me the crashes haven’t had a common link, sometimes just walking caused them, sometimes trying to pick something up. Crashed with a similar error with a single step I attempted to at the start of a run.

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Huh. You should probably create a separate github post about that, though do make sure to include your mod list.