[Build 8392] Can't eat some junk foods

Hi, i’ve been playing CDDA for a while now and this was a small issue that occurred way back, but i just sorta left it alone, but now more of these yummy junk foods are appearing and i seem to be completely unable to eat them.

Yes, i can interact with them.
Yes, they appear on the Eat menu even and they have the option to EAT, but for some kinda reason the game does not register this, i eat and EAT THIS SNACK OF GOODNESS, but it remains untouched in my inventory, it’s not game breaking but i want that goodness.

Even the action log shows nothing, i am not entirely sure if this is a mod or it’s been added with the original game itself as i can’t find anything about these food stuffs.

[Update Edit]

I just sorta noticed that most other food items has their usual stats like this.
And then there’s these GOODIE JUNK FOODS who has nothing?
No Rot period or time of lifetime, even lacking the Calorie count, but when you use Shift+E you can see the Calorie count for some odd reason.

Can you screenshot your traits? Some traits prevent you from being able to eat certain foods.


I’m very proud of these traits, longest living survivor with a ton of mutagens.
[Small edit]

Reading books don’t seem to give that good joy bonus any more.

book joy is currently broken and doesn’t give ANY joy

Is that Zebra Cake made with real zebra? :wink:

Kevin: are packaes of nuts like peanuts an pecans etc considered junk food? Tree nuts are rather nutritional. Even despite being slathered with salt.

It has to be a real Zebra, it got the stripes you know? but all i want is that NUTTY BUDDY.
[Wasteful Edit]
You can’t spell nutrition without NUT