Bugs: clairvoyancing buried mines, deep water driving, etc

  • My friendly NPC HP was ||||., but really her head was seriously wounded and soon she died in the fight. We should see if our NPC in peril.
  • I can’t deactivate the survival mask but i can unload the cartridge from it.
  • I was able to spot a buried mine in a bandit cabin through the walls and window with closed curtain.
  • Stop your car while you sit above a deep water. Move away from the seat then move back. You have to dive into the deep water to drive the car again.
  • if i want to shoot a non-hostile npc with precise targeting i have to press Y several times to the queries about attacking them.
  • NPCs don’t pulp corpses when there is an acid corpse is there. It would be nice if they could butcher it.
  • We can buy bullets from reinforced vending machines. But there is only 1 bullet from each type.