~ Bug Reports ~

Mutation/bionic encumbrance is still broke (no effect), I reported this in march 2018 so we’re nearing a one year mark.

Blobs can split through to the other side of walls (I presume there is no check in splitting code for impassable terrain), this shouldn’t happen. In the screenshot below the blobs split faster than I can kill them with fire.

I couldn’t find either of these issues on github. Reporting bugs on the forum is great and all, but if it’s not on Github it’s probably not as likely to get addressed. There’s also a priority to things. I imagine blobs splitting through obstacles is pretty low on the list of things that need done.

I’m not familiar with either of these issues, but if they’re legitimate, I’d recommend you open them as issues on the Github, that will give you the best chance of having them addressed.


The encumbrance effect actually works, it just doesn’t display the amount in character window. Should be fixed, still. Forcing players to calculate their encumbrance from a json isn’t exactly functional.

Blob splitting through walls is very clearly observable in any lab. I wouldn’t call it low priority because they cause gigantic slowdowns if you have zlevels enabled as every single square of the area they’re in will be eventually be filled by a blob as they cannot be contained by anything. Even without zlevels I’ve had labs slow down to a crawl.

I mean, again, I’m not familiar with these issues. I’m also not a coder or really involved in the project at all aside from very small json mapgen stuff. I was just providing what little direction that I could.

Found another weird one.

Maple sap accumulates if you’re on different z-level with z-levels disabled (unless this was broken in the last 20 or so experimentals).

Maple sap doesn’t accumulate if you’re on different z-level with z-levels enabled.

Obviously this was tested during the maple harvesting period.

Here s a link to the Issue Guidelines on the github so you can reports those ones.
And a link to the Bug Report page, you’ll need an account on github though.

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