Bug reports, specify version by post


Makeshift bed requires blanket as reagent, does not consume blanket.

Messenger bags still taking damage, even though they have no protection value. You can repair them with a sewing kit though.

The loot in the giant wasp houses seems over the top. My first one had power armor, UPS, chitinous armor, mutagens, and purifiers. My second one had two power armor helmets and a purifier. If the loot is going to be this good, there needs to be an explanation (in form of bodies) why a random infested house has the best technology in the city. EDIT: 3rd wasp house had nothing of interest.

Installing and repairing vehicle parts isn’t using battery power. Disassembling steel frames doesn’t use battery power now either, although it’s a step up since earlier you could just unload your welder to avoid paying the battery cost from disassembling frames. Creating the frame uses welding power like normal.

Wearing welding goggles makes them non-applicable to any recipe that requires them, and you can’t disassemble while wearing goggles, if they’re you’re only pair of course.

More Edits: Had an artifact that didn’t save. It was involved in about 10 different saves. I stuck it in my gun locker and moved it twice with my ‘*’ ‘f’ command. I haven’t been able to reproduce this.

Dupe trick! When you’re loading a vehicle trunk, floor trunk or otherwise, past capacity, the entire stack of items drops to the ground. When you look in the trunk, every non-slot is filled. If my trunk has 10 slots left in it, and I drop 19 lumps of steel in, there will be 19 lumps of steel on the ground and 10 more in the trunk.

Spiral cavern still generating defective spirals. One spiral has always been open for me so far, though

EnviroCom OS v2.03 consoles in Sewage Treatments plants are repeatedly hackable. Not only will the pumps explode several times, but the terminal doesn’t have any defenses, making it an easy place for a low int character to get skillups without books.


What’s with the jittery screen? Edit: It looks like the screen is redrawing after any menu is closed, even @.

Version 0.4-1148-g638c44b-dirty

Using a gasoline pump returns “game.cpp[6883]: Tried to handle_liquid a non-liquid!”

Construction menu doesn’t use materials.