Bug Out Bag- The civilian go-bag

Recent events have me thinking about what people stock up on and stache away in emergencies.

I was thinking about the go-bag and was curious if the contents could be somewhat randomized (as in pulled from a pool).

It would be interesting to have survivor zombies, the rare normal zed, and a few static locations where they could be found or would likely spawn.

Each bag can be disassembled for random objects from survival items pool (same stuff in hunting supply store) and a few random objects (toilet paper, wads of cash, bottles of vodka, what have you).

It may make killing survivor zombies worth the effort. I always feel like by the time I can confidently kill a survivor zombie I don’t need whatever makeshift knife they’re carrying around. If anything survivor zombies may need a rework… and this could be a way to get that done.

What do you think?

Not possible yet, but will be possible after this PR is merged.

Well, I think it’s fine to have zombies that are just here to make your life harder. Not everything needs to be worth the trouble.

So I like the bag idea, but I’m not quite sold on “reworking survivor zombies just so they’re worth the kill”.

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On a low level, you could make X random bags, each with its own contents, and spawn only one at a time out of a distribution-type item group.

On a high level, nanofabricator template draws randomly from a preset list of items. This is hardcoded and would require engine editing, because of course it would. If you can replicate – or, better yet, generalize – this behavior, the rest of the steps become that much easier.

Fair enough. It just seemed like a bit of an obvious choice for a way to improve a zed that should be one of the more interesting in my opinion, but is routinely lackluster.

Additionally if they were to follow the go-bag format they would likely be damaged (because they’re on a zombie) and thus wouldn’t have the full yield of survivalist goodies.