Some ideas for Random Events

so i’ve been loving those Random Events feature (the one that marked with yellow “X” on the map) and after some session of plays i’ve finally compiled some ideas for this Random Event feature. here’s the idea :

  1. Crashed Wedding

this one is an idea i got from few game session where some of the zombies i killed during city-looting has wedding outfit on them, this gives me idea of a wedding that takes place right before the cataclysm, possibly outside the city or near mansion, all is well and happy until a group of zombie crashed the wedding, turning the bride and the groom into zombie along with the guests. a sweet moment turns into bloody horror.

  1. Random Event Corpse : Survivor and Bandits variant

im sure that many have encountered this random event where several human corpses littered around with stuffs on and around them, along with green blob and maybe some zombies and “kreck”, so far i’ve encountered Scientist, Drug Dealer, and some Military corpses on rare occasions, so my idea is, is there survivor and bandit variant of this Random Event? if not, then this could add some more variety to it. and maybe can add some lore to it too. imagine walking around the city and found several corpse of survivor near a house that has been converted into survivor camp, or several corpse of bandit near a bank. feeling lucky to be alive.

  1. FEMA’s failed supply

ever imagine what happens when FEMA was ordering a supply of weapons and foods for the survivor and soldiers and the supply never came? then one day when you were on the way to another city you spot a crashed truck with supply crate littered around the crash site? this idea is from FEMA camp located not too far outside the city, i always found weapons and food on FEMA camp and i always wonder how and where these camps got weapons and foods supply. delivering the supplies by air makes sense but if the chopper that carries the supply is compromised, they may have backup plan, one of them is sending the supply by land, using cargo truck full of supply escorted by heavily armed personnel.

that’s my ideas for Random Events, i would love to see another ideas too, and let me know what you think about these random events.


great ideas, here is maybe anotherone:

soldiers last stand: not all soldiers would have gone down without a fight so these ones are now corpses (and a few zombie soldiers) with the ground covered in a metic load of blood gore and bullet cassings and surounded by a varitable horde of zombies that they attracted with there gunshots and killed them originally.