Bug: Moving items using (m) causes the game to multiply the items in some cases

Easy to replicate:

Build 11508

  • Dark Days Ahead

  • Disable NPC Needs

  • Bionic Professions

  • No Rail Stations

  • No Fungal Monsters

  • SpeedyDex

  • Stats Through Kills

  • Stats Through Skills

  • Create a test world

  • Spawn any item that has “multiples” under ( ) in front of the name (Ammo, some foods, some drugs, cotton sheet and other spare parts that work the same way)

  • place them on the floor anywhere and open the “/” menu.

  • use “m” to move an amount of them from one space to another, don’t move all of them.

The end result:

  • if you have 10 aspirin and "m"ove 5 of them, you will notice that you will have created 5 extra aspirin and still have the original 10 in its original spot.

EDIT: added the required info which should’ve been added first.
Also to make clear that it doesn’t work if you do it from [i] to [floor]. It works whether you do it from [floor] to [floor] or from any cupboard/locker/vehicle cargo space to another one.

Can not verify.
Tested in experimental build 0.E-b11501.

Please always add the necessary informations to bug reports:

  • Version you’re playing on (don’t just state “latest”, as this changes fast).
  • Mods you have running in that world.

Oops. Updated with the required info. Sorry about that.

I can reproduce it on 5960368a330aa325b582b4c45cd0a6a5f4888c19
Could you please make a bug report?

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Just tried it in experimental build b11511 and it’s still an issue.

A quick look through the recently merged pull requests turns up this one, which might be the reason for this (but I could be wrong, too):

git bisect says it is.

2204d61ac158f261d576464c7537736bb3e26c8b is the first bad commit
commit 2204d61ac158f261d576464c7537736bb3e26c8b
Author: Jamuro-g <toenli.e@gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Feb 28 16:10:18 2021 +0100

    fix crash when trying to move stolen items

 src/activity_actor.cpp | 9 +++++----
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Well, I guess I’ve hit it spot on, in that case :laughing:

Well, I’m glad that was found quickly. A bug report was just made, regardless :slight_smile:

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