Bug: Cougars seem to leap at you even when they are not hostile

I have been noticing that the cougar that is wandering around keeps jumping at me. he is usually either ignoring or tracking, but keeps leaping in my direction.

it almost appears that he is wandering away from me and for some reason jumps in my direction, and then wanders in an arbitrary direction again.

is there a bug making the cougar jump at the player when it should not?

I am playing tiled experimental 0589c28.

i know it may be a bit outdated…

IT’s probably an error where they target the player with their leap instead of properly targeting their actual movement goal.

Forgot to mention: I’m using the latest stable build.

Paquito, I assume you mean that you have seen the same issue?

I have seen this happen consistently in previous games of my own.

Albeit annoying having the messages pop up on the sidebar every turn that you are in range of the cougar, it doesn’t really have a large gameplay effect beyond the mild ire it evokes in the players, so it may not be high on the list of things the devs are focused on fixing right now.

Heh, I made a separate thread about this, not noticing this one, and that post was meant to go in that thread :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, I’m seeing the same issue.