Bring Back the Site's Cool Little Green "Z" Symbol

This isn’t a game suggestion.

Y’see, I remember the forums having that little green “Z” (which usually shows up next to the web address at the top of your browser) that also functions as cataclysm’s .exe file picture. Since the site moved, it hasn’t shown up.
It’s really very nice for people like me who set bookmarks in the hotbar at the top of the web-browser, because you can look at the symbol and know where you’re going.

Um… yeah, that’s all. Seems stupid, but it bothered me a bit when it disappeared, so…

Nighthawk shuffles nervously out the door

I just have a huge row of 20 icons without text on my browser’s hotbar, so this would be helpful to me too, though it’s the only one ‘without’ an icon now, so still pretty easy to find.

Should be working now?

I’m still not getting it. :frowning:

Using Chrome, by the way.

Ohh, I was wondering about this and didn’t want to whinge about such a tiny thing that wasn’t the game itself. I am likewise still not seeing the change, but I will try re-creating my bookmark. I also use chrome.

EDIT: This just in, re-creating the forum link added in the little Z appropriately. Hooray! I also have a link for the page with nightly builds and other announcements - this page still has the ‘no icon’ icon, though I don’t remember if it had one before.

Fixed for website now as well.

Thank you, kind sir. It is indeed working just fine now.

Danke! :smiley: