Cataclysm: Origins

[size=8pt][font=courier][size=10pt]T[/size]his may have already been suggested and if so, I’m blind and either did not see it or just forgot about it. Would it be possible, though obviously not a priority, to add a start mode right at the beginning of the outbreak? You would basically start off in the middle of a city and mass panic would ensue. People running all over the place while zombies chase them to curb their insatiable munchies. Survivors killing zombies and each other. Just mass chaos. Or course then you would get the added awe of seeing once alive people raise back up as the living dead. This goes without saying that NPCs would have to be fixed (I think I read that they were not working properly at the moment) as well as some extra game play mechanics to enhance it. Just a thought. If this has been suggested before then I will go about removing or having this thread removed.[/font][/size]

I think this is planned, or someone said it. And stop writting like that, my eyes are starting to hate you

Also wait until NCPs are stable and have a bit of AI. Just a bit (Aka wait until Cataclysm V 10.2)

[size=8pt][font=courier][size=10pt]S[/size]top writing like what? Using this font or the style of which I write? If it’s the first, too bad. I rather enjoy the Courier font. If it’s the later, also too bad. It’s called proper sentence structure and all that good stuff.

Anyway, seeing as how this may already be planned (thank you for bringing it to my attention) I can consider this thread best left to the corpses.[/font][/size]

[font=courier]huh…I propose the standard font be changed to courier[/font]
irrelevant comment

As long as you’ll be using that font you’ll spare me reading what ever you have to say.


[quote=“Pakislav, post:5, topic:952”]As long as you’ll be using that font you’ll spare me reading what ever you have to say.


[font=courier]Whats wrong with the font? Its stylish, it reminds me of the old font typewriters used to use.[/font]

[font=comic sans ms]
Sorry , but I have to agree with STD. The font is a special form of self that he is presenting. It shows his personality and is a way of identifying his writing. Therefore I am claiming the Comic Sans MS font. Feel free to choose your own, or copy. [/font]

[font=georgia]Ill go with Georgia, it looks styleeeeeeee. CLAIMED.

Wait, this isnt gonna turn into a THING is it?[/font]

[font=impact]I CLAIM IMPACT![/font]

[quote=“AerialK7, post:8, topic:952”][font=georgia]
Wait, this isnt gonna turn into a THING is it?[/font][/quote]

[font=impact]I hope so…Shame there isn’t wingdings… I wanted wingdings [font=impact]Purely to claim it before GTAGuy could.[/font][/font]

[font=georgia]Oh god wingdings would be horrible, id want to gouge my eyes out.[/font]

Ahh, what happened to the fonts? AHH! They have been removed. [font=georgia] Even this hard coded bit [/font]. (I hard coded the georgia font onto that last sentence, the system just destroyed it and left the the text as regular as ever.

Abuse forum features and they will be removed.

They cant remove spoilers, or can they?