What actually is the scrap suit and why is it pretty good?

So this thing is made very easily gathered materials, lots of scrap and really not all that much string.
looking at the jsons, it has fairly solid protection, and only needs fabrication 3, plenty of easily gathered scrap metal and a few strings.
It’s pretty solid early-game but doesn’t realistically make sense, I can’t imagine being able to make something this good myself in my backyard with just chord, a hammer and a knife with random chunks of metal.

So the question is, what is it supposed to represent? How would I make some irl? How does it have 90% coverage?
How does it not need cloth or leather backing?
It should exist, certainly, but not as it is now, I cannot think of how one could construct solid armour with chunks of scrap metal that while heavy, really isn’t all that encumbering considering turnout gear exists.

The creativity of human beings when under a zombie apocalypse? I guess :confused:

I think it’s supposed to be like, a lot of scrap plates sewn into a suit of clothing?
Not too far fetched IMO, it could be done in real life. Just like, sew or bend metal scraps and plates over a suit of clothing (or in the shape of a breastplate/bracers/whatever).

Problem is, I believe a full suit of it would be severely encumbering in real life, since you know, plates of random metal junk wouldn’t really be flexible, especially near the joints (arms, knees,wrists, neck), which would limit your movement and dexterity a lot.

It really makes no sense. 2 long strings isn’t nearly enough to sewn 190 scrap metal together and little bits of metal tied together should give no protection at all as they’d just tear your skin open whenever you got hit.

I think it used to be fabricate 7 level item, that is, modern re-invention of mailshirt. By the time I could make it, I already had the survivor armors which were better, so it was not very useful back then.

It should easily fall apart. Besides, I think it rattles.

Maybe it should have the fragile tag like the knife spear. And probably some cloth components added tp the recipe.

I assumed it was something like this:

Not horribly complacated to make but that said, if it is it should probably take more string.


Turnout gear gives you really superb bonuses towards fire and out chemical attacks, while scrap gear (Just got the newest version, considering I thought an update from late 2018 was “bleeding edge” for mobile). The scrap suit gives you some great basic defense, but also is extremely loud and encumbering for an early game character, as what I would think the armor looks like is basically punching holes into scrap metal, and sliding them onto a string of sorts, and tying that string onto yourself. Makes you very loud, so its balanced for early level characters, unless your not afraid of a horde finding you in the least opportune times. My take on Scrap suit, though.

Beat me by 5 minutes!

Anyway. I would imagine this isn’t all that difficult. Either that or I am a savant or some $h!te. I made a chain mail sheet (5x6inches) in high school for a art project. Just to see how difficult it would be. Wasn’t difficult. Takes more time than skill to be realistic. So having destroyed a vehicle by smashing it into a wall for scrap metal. You could chill in the driver seat all comfy like putting holes in scrap and tethering it all together for the grins.

It should have some padding if it doesn’t though. I don’t remember every item in game so ignore this bit if it already uses leather/kevlar.(PS- Kevlar doesn’t stop slashing.)


Sniped :stuck_out_tongue:
this is a quote from the wiki " Unlike scale armour, which it resembles, lamellar armour is not attached to a cloth or leather backing (although it is typically worn over a padded undergarment)."

I wouldn’t mind seeing


added though, those I do think have some padding built in as part of the design and don’t seem all too difficult to craft. There is another armour type I keep thinking of too that I cant remember the name of but it was basically a jacket with lots of pockets sewn in that small metal disks would be slotted into, they didn’t overlap but it was more for slashing weapons then piercing iirc.

Well irl, Lam would be rather painful to wear without padding. I may not have lived back then. But I am 99.999% certain people wore something under it. That was more of what I meant. But yeah. You could do it in game.

…now for the question of wearing it with nothing underneath and the ensuing penalties :wink:

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Remember that a long string breaks down into 6 small strings, which turn into 300 thread. That’s a LOT of thread for sewing. Like a full sewing kit and a half.
The scrap suit should really require some rags, too. I’d estimate that maybe 40 or 50 would be sufficient for a full-body suit. I believe that’s how many are used for similar clothing items.

What Mantar said about the string, and the quantity of scrap required is most of a Hatchback.

I always assumed it was akin to shitty lamellar as some others have suggested. Though you’re right that the fact that there’s no backing in the recipe is odd, and it probably should be easier to damage than purpose made armor.

I haven’t used it since I first started playing years ago, so forgive me if I don’t exactly remember how effective it is.

Here’s my thoughts on why the scrap suit is “eh” but not “awful.” Let’s crunch some numbers!

It has a coverage of 80%, which is around average; for armor you’re looking for the highest value you can get, because IIRC it directly reflects chance to tank a hit to the part. With 18 encumbrance to the torso, arms, and legs, it provides 10 bash and cut protection. That’s okay, but it’s far from great. Zombies mostly deal cut damage, so it’s nice, but the high encumbrance inhibits dodging substantially, and the lowish coverage means that the armor you’re mostly relying on isn’t very good at its job.

If you have goodish fabrication and need armor desperately, it’s an okay option. With tailoring you have direct upgrades for less material. Once you hit tailoring 5, you can make chitin arm guards, which are fantastic - 90% coverage and 10 encumbrance for 9/12 protection. For your torso, a Kevlar vest is nice - 5 encumbrance is nothing to scoff at for 85% coverage and 16 cut armor.

Overall, I’d rate it like I rate most improvised weapons such as the cudgel: It’s okay if you have nothing else, but once you have better, swap it out.


kinda sounds like roadsign armor from rust (which btw should be added, there’s litterally no road signs in the cataclysm for some reason)

Yeah, now that you mention it, I really didn’t notice that until you mentioned it? Maybe the cataclysm destroyed all roadsigns to confuse the military or national guard.

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when I was little I screwed some small sheet metal into a tee shirt from a dead vcr so i’ts not hard

It’s also incredibly fragile in any real combat, it’s not that the scrap suit wouldn’t take a couple of hard hits, it’s that it’s literally string holding it together, it’s tough but fragile

I think it should get the same tag the knife spears get

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