Breathing Room

i think the game is very hard but it’s reward comes from you being stragedy - al, like if you boarded up a house but a zombie was inside who would make noise if you fight it… what to do? avlid it, get the hammer, bull out nails, use something to make noise so you can lure it outside, after its outside and away you hide and wait for the other zombies that heard the lure to go away, after that board uo again and… a hard situation was “solved!”

i also find the game VERY VERY newbie unfriendly, when i started i almost quit becose i diden’t know how to look at my inventory… i diden’t know "special"
had a toturial in it, i toucht it was mods,credits and more stuff like that,

You sure are posting on some really REALLY old dead threads. Check the dates before replying.