"box drawing character" doesn't seem to be used

Experimental build #11088

It seems that the “box drawing character” included in the font is not used even if the “SDL ASCII Lines” option is turned off. Curiously, it is used successfully in “overmap”.

Could you provide more details? Where do you see it is not being used?

Thanks reply.

It is not used on normal game screens ( building walls, vehicle boards, etc ).

What do you see in place of walls or boards? Still SDL-drawn lines?

Yes. line by SDL is drawn.

It may be wrong that the box drawing character is not used.

To be precise, it looks like the line in the X direction is missing one pixel.


Looks like those tiles (al tiles, probably. we just cannot see that because of symmetry) need to be rotated additional 90 degrees clockwise.

I have set up another topic on this subject. This is a problem that occurs even when using tiles, but the display remains the same even now.