8x8 tileset based on old IBM font?

I love playing Cata in text mode, but the distortion of 8x16 characters detracts from the perspective. I’ve been wanting to make a tileset based on the old IBM 8x8 character set to allow for the best of both worlds. I designed a png (http://shadowdarke.byondhome.com/library/tinytile.png) and fiddled with the tile_config.json a bit, but I haven’t had the time nor motivation to get more deeply involved with all the tile names and what their corresponding default text appearances are.

I (and perhaps others) would be grateful if someone would make a tile_config.json file that would map this font file to the default characters/color combinations.

I really want a square ascii font too, but the problem is that it messes up all the menus. Making it a tileset would work, but I think a more permanent solution would be to let SDL load a separate font for the map viewport and then render it like it does with the menus. That way you could have non-distorted menus and a square-tiled map without having to update a tileset.

Aye, that would be a much better solution and would probably take less time overall for someone familiar with the source code.