Book mission

From cf57820

NPCs say that the messages for the “Find book” Quest are not coded. I looked in the source code to check if I could find out what I had to do but didn’t find any useful information.

If you need more information about any of these, ask away. Also, if someone could tell me how I can finish this mission, I would appreciate it.

NOTE: Also one other thing. I believe NPCs ignore circular distance. The reason why is because when I travel horizontally and vertically they have trouble keeping up, but when traveling at diagonals they catch up to me easily. I don’t know if this is a bug or just something not implemented for NPCs yet. I didn’t want to make a new topic so soon after this one, so I put it here.

I’ve been having the same problem in version: 0.C so the bug still exists. At least if he said which book he wants me to find, … nope, just non-nondescript “Book”. Is there any way to know which one? will the quest text change when we talk to him and have the right one? Right now I have no way that I know to find which book he wants. Quest details says something along the lines “description not coded” or something like that.

On the subject of circular distance, I think that NPCs ignore that. When I deactivated it I could catch up to NPCs who “want to talk” while when circular distance was on it was almost impossible to move diagonally and get near an NPC who was moving diagonally.